The Secrets Of Mead

An English Village Mystery

Secrets Are Relative … Blood Relative

Mead’s new detective, Craig Monroe, discovers idyllic cottages, stunning countryside, and quintessential garden parties are a facade for something dark and sinister.

Solving a local doctor’s murder intensifies when Mead’s inhabitants, prove to be complex, quirky and cantankerous.

A veteran detective, Monroe’s unsurprised by motives of revenge, lust, and betrayal, but …

There’s something bigger.  Something buried so deep Craig may never uncover the truth.

One thing is certain, the village is harboring many secrets.  Some sad, some sordid and some decades in the making.

What are the residents of Mead hiding, and how is it possible for one small village to have so many secrets?

Can Detective Craig Monroe determine who killed Doctor Jude Ryland and in doing so will he discover the Secrets of Mead?

“Is it normal for the police to ask questions when some sad, poor soul exits this world?”

“Was he a sad, poor soul?”

“That he was.”

Crinkling his brow, Craig said, “He was a successful doctor in the prime of his life. He lived in a spectacular home in a beautiful village. I wouldn’t imagine these facts typically evoke sympathy.”

Molly’s eyes darted to Craig’s face for a fleeting moment before settling on the window behind him. “If you’ve done really bad stuff in your life, I mean unthinkable things, then how could you ever be happy?”