Scarlet Oaks and the Serial Caller

Scarlet Oaks Cozy Mystery Series – Book 1

Scarlet Oaks is a San Francisco DJ and proud owner of a fashion-loving micro pig named Prudence.

Struggling to pay the rent after her boyfriend’s departure, life is further changed when Bay Radio’s boss informs Scarlet she’ll be trading her top forty hits for a late-night call-in show.

Scarlet, while attempting to help bay area men with their relationship problems, may have unwittingly inspired the first serial killer San Francisco’s seen in some forty years.

A bumpy and embarrassing re-entry onto the dating scene turns sinister when Scarlet suspects the man she’s dating is far from who he pretends to be.

Fearing she may be the killer’s next victim, Scarlet enlists lovably-eccentric best friends Niles and Tom to help her find the elusive Serial Caller … before he finds her.

Root for Scarlet during this heart-pounding and alternately humorous cozy mystery. Fall in love with Prudence the pig, and allow unforgettable characters to become your friends.

If you love Nancy Drew and Stephanie Plum, make room for Scarlet Oaks!

This is the first book in the Scarlet Oaks Cozy Mystery Series. Put the kettle on and start the adventure today.

Hearing a loud scream and then realizing it was coming from her, Scarlet’s shaking hands scrambled into her purse and fingered the cold width of Tom’s flashlight. The hall now in darkness too, Scarlet may as well have been underground, it was so black. Removing the familiar circular thickness from her purse, she felt around its trunk for the frustratingly elusive on button. Bang! The window, separating her studio from the hallway creaked in protest, as someone or something, thumped hard on the glass.

Scarlet’s body lurched backward. The flashlight fell with a loud thud. Amid low, soft whimpering sounds escaping her constricted windpipe, Scarlet lowered her unsteady body beneath the desk.

The thumping on the glass came again, this time with more force.