HENRY The Helpful Hedgehog

Henry wanted to be helpful like all the other animals on the farm.

Feeling sad that he was too small to be useful to Farmer William, Henry surprised himself and all his friends by proving he was truly a helpful hedgehog.

“Annabelle, will you play with me today?” asked the little hedgehog. “Dear Henry, I would have loved to, but I have to help Farmer William today.” “Oh,” said Henry. “Are you too busy?” he asked. Annabelle threw her mane back and laughed, “Yes, little one. I am helping Farmer William plough the field today.”

“We turn over the soil and bring better, richer soil to the top. The farmer then plants seeds which will grow into vegetables for the family to eat.” “May I be too busy with you today, Annabelle?” Henry asked. “You are a sweet hedgehog,” Annabelle replied, “but I think you’re too little.” Henry felt sad. He wanted to be too busy and help the farmer.